About Us

Meet Stefan and Tim. Two friends that up until just a couple years ago had no clue what a “pickleball” was. So how did we find our way here… to this website with you?
Stefan, with an extensive background in athletic glove design, noticed a unique spike in sales for his right hand golf gloves. What was going on here? Did left-handed golfers start picking up the sport in the masses? Was there a shift in the universe where lefties would soon dominate right handers? The answer was pickleball. And because nothing existed for the sport, players that were looking for performance gloves found them at their local pro shop in the form of a golf glove.
But these golf gloves weren’t designed for pickleball. They didn’t have the right fit, support, flex and breathability. An idea was born.
Stefan reached out to Tim, a performance sports marketing executive, and the two did everything they could to learn all about this crazy new sport. And just like anyone who picks up a paddle, they were immediately hooked.