Why a Pickleball Glove?

Pickleball gloves to solve a sweaty slippery pickleball paddle
Sure, pickelball has a lot of rules. But not one of them requires you to wear a glove. So what gives? If you're paying attention, you'll see gloves becoming a more and more popular choice as pickleball accessories on the courts these days. 

So why would someone wear a glove in the first place? 

Players recommend gloves for quite a few reasons. A pickleball paddle grip can becomes pretty slippery as you play harder and sweat more. Some try new tackier grips, but others have figured out that gloves actual deliver exactly the right amount of performance. Not only do gloves help with increasing that grip, they adding needed cushioned support and also assist with reduced paddle vibration and lessening hand fatigue. This means as you play harder, you're actually playing smarter as well. 

There are a lot of choices on the market. But you'll be surprised, very few of those choices are actually designed for pickleball. Players are forced into wearing gloves for sports like racquetball and golf. This is why Aerow Sports went head on with pickleball, to develop the most sophisticated pickleball glove on the market. So when it comes to improving your game on the pickleball court, we'll tell you what to look for in both materials and design. 

What to look for in a glove. 


  • Cabretta leather is a great glove material for its breathability, durability, light weight and comfort. While this material is great and sturdy for the palm of the glove, it should be used in combination with a more flexible and breathable material for the upper.
  • Mesh or spandex makes for a very nice upper material. Adding flex around the knuckles and fingers where most movement happens. The benefits of mesh also include the ability of a more tailored and ergonomic fit. 


  • Fit is one of the most important aspects to finding the right glove. Other sports, like golf, do not offer the proper tailored fit or cushioned support for a raquet-based sport like pickleball. Bunching in the palm affects the feel of the paddle and comfort. For this reason, an ergonomic design is recommended that follows both the curve of the palm as well as adding flex points where it bends. 

Because our hands are all different, there is no such thing as "one size fits all". To fit like a glove, sizing needs to be measured properly to achieve maximum benefits in performance.