The Pickleball Glove Showdown: Aerow Recon vs. Selkirk Attaktix vs. Head Web

The Pickleball Glove Showdown: Aerow Recon vs. Selkirk Attaktix vs. Head Web

Choosing the right pickleball glove can significantly impact your on-court performance. Today, we’re going to explore a comparison of three popular pickleball glove options: the Aerow Recon, Selkirk Attaktix, and Head Web. Each glove has its unique features, and as you read through, consider which one aligns best with what you’re looking for. Will the Aerow Recon emerge as the top pick? Let's dive in and let you draw your own conclusions.


Aerow Recon Pickleball Glove: The Aerow Recon is making waves in the pickleball community for several reasons. Crafted from high-quality cabretta leather and incorporating mesh elements for flexibility and breatability, it offers a blend of comfort and durability that serious players appreciate.


  1. Cabretta Leather: It’s known for superior grip, sweat absorption and longevity, and is a standout feature in the Aerow Recon. As you contemplate your glove choice, consider how this material can impact your control and feel during crucial moments on the court.
  2. Mesh For Flex: The Aerow Recon's mesh design plays an important role in maintaining optimal hand temperature and flexability. How important is breathability to you during intense rallies? Consider this as you weigh your options.
  3. Fingerless Advantage: The fingerless design of the Aerow Recon offers a unique blend of protection and flexibility. Imagine the impact on your game – increased dexterity and a more natural feel of the paddle handle. Does this align with your playing style?


Selkirk Attaktix Pickleball Glove: While the Selkirk Attaktix offers several merits, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks.


  1. Bulky Fit: Some users have noted a bulkier fit with the Selkirk Attaktix glove. Consider how the fit of the glove impacts your comfort and range of motion during play.
  2. Price: At over 50% more, the Selkirk glove offers less performance features than others on the market.


Head Web Pickleball Glove: Similarly, let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of the Head Web pickleball glove.


  1. Synthetic Leather: The Head Web glove utilizes synthetic leather. While this material has its merits, it may not provide the same level of grip and durability as genuine cabretta leather.
  2. Racquetball Design: Initially designed for racquetball, the Head Web glove attempts to transition to pickleball with no adaptations to address the playing style and paddle control needed for pickleball.


As you weigh the pros and cons of each glove, consider how the Aerow Recon's cabretta leather, mesh design, and fingerless advantage stack up against potential drawbacks in the Selkirk Attaktix and Head Web gloves. Your choice ultimately depends on your priorities on the court – whether it's grip, breathability, fit, or material. Choose wisely, and may your pickleball game reach new heights with the perfect glove for you.